South 12" - The First Full Length Vinyl From Blackie and the Rodeo Kings!

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It’s been a long time coming but the day has arrived – Blackie and The Rodeo Kings have released their first full length vinyl!

South has been a wild ride thus far for BARK; taking them to the less often visited corners of Canada, to packed shows at SXSW and some special times in Nashville including a trip to the stage of the Grand Ole Opry! There’s lots of exciting content to share in the coming weeks, but now is definitely a good time to take a moment with that fresh vinyl smell and drop the needle on some warm Americana. Order now in the FU:M store (purchase link below) and/or intensely harass your local record store to get South


Track List:

Side A:



Gotta Stay Young

Blow Me a Kiss

Summertime’s Over

Side B:

Everything I Am

I’m Still Loving You

Reinventing The Wheel of Love

Try Try Try Again

Fleur De Lys

(download card features full album with bonus track Driftin Snow)


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A notice to the SXSW meandering public – GAME ON!

Blackie and The Rodeo Kings and Bend Sinister have a fat stack of shows ahead for the week. Plus, Lisa and Karen will be hustling, bustling, and maybe even working! Ask nicely and maybe you’ll get a FU:M Super Fun Activity Book!







New Release Day!!! - Anchoress' Crime


Happy new release day! Often the question unrolls, “Why are Tuesdays and Thursdays new release day?” The real answer to that was lost along with the Aztecs, but we’ve some theories:


- No one wants to get in the way of a good Monday sulk.

- Wednesday’s aren’t so bad but do we really want to brighten them enough to lose the term “hump day?”

- Friday you should be going out to a live show.


So happy new release Tuesday it is! Today we’re happy to unleash the Crime EP from Anchoress. It’s the first of two EPs that will be rolling out from Anchoress this year. Vocalist Rob describes Crime as:


“A stylized sojourn through some of the darkness that covers our lives. It’s about the inevitability of destruction and the equally inevitable reconstruction. It’s about drug addiction and our damaged environment. It’s about dealing with situations that we can’t understand while trying to stay sane. It’s about the places we go when we can’t and of course, it’s about crime.”


As an impartial third party, we’ve come to know Crime as an album that is as intense as it is intelligence. An album of fiery musical arrangements that perfectly fuel a the push through a workout, beer can shotgun, or a Wednesday. At the same time, when you focus to see the trees within the forest, you’ll see the bark carved with scalpel precision with some of the finest lyrical narrative to get a FU:M catalogue number.


Crime is available today via Bandcamp (check it out via the streaming player below) and iTunes here. Stay tuned for news regarding the next EP.

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