Jun 16, 2017

Call for Crywank Tshirt Designs

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Hello Crywank-a-Maniacs,

For a long time, Crywank merch has been bound to the shores of Avalon, out of reach for many throughout North America because shipping can be ludicrous. Rather than lament how we all should have grown up to be millionaire postmen, we thought “Why not make a Crywank shirt for North America?”  and so we did some homework and found a great supplier who could get the printing and shipping done for some fantastic rates, and now it’s on to the next part of the dream – You!

We would like to open up this design opportunity to you, the people. You’re who the shirt is for, so who are we to arbitrarily choose one designer to create a shirt for you to accept as if you were content craving cattle?

It’s more of an audition than a competition per se. You’re all free to post your designs as you make them, and like Wendy’s and that Nugget guy we’re probably not going to ignore a digital waterfall of support, but ultimately it will be a decision that comes down to us and Crywank’s choice. If you do post it on your social platform of choice toss #CrywankT4FUM to make sure we can see it! Though, really you’ll have to email us at info [at] fileundermusic.com to have your design considered.

Now, some might say “You’re a big ol’ record label, why are you trying to make all of these potential artists work for spec?”, and to them I would say first of all, we’re flattered you think we are gold encrusted but we’re really not. Then I’d refer them to the above motivation, and finally point out this could be a fun way for everyone to make some new talented friends!

So what’s in it for you?
While there will only be one design produced this go round, and everyone is a winner for making and sharing art, there will specifically be three “victory” conditions.

1) Your design will be THE shirt design!
You get:
– paid for the exclusive right to reproduce your design ($250 CDN)
– a shirt
– any 2 vinyl from the FU:M stock
– whatever else I can fit in the box before the shipping goes up exponentially. Paperclips? Vancouver take out menus? Who knows?!

2) Your design isn’t THE shirt but the runner up. In the event THE shirt is unable to perform their duties as THE shirt, the runner up will be given the title of THE shirt.
You get:
– a shirt
– a vinyl from the FU:M stock

3) Your design isn’t THE shirt, or the OTHER shirt, but it still needs to be held up for all to see as awesome.
You Get:
– a shirt

So what exactly are you doing?

– Designing a 1 colour t-shirt print.
– Design must include the word “Crywank” in it.
– Design must be able to fit within an area 10 inches wide x 12 inches tall.
– Design must be original artwork. I love a good collage as much as anybody, but we’re not playing copyright lawyers this time.
– Must be able to provide the design as a vector or a 300dpi jpg/tiff/etc at the printed dimensions, as this is what’s required to actually print the design.
– Sending that design to info [at] fileundermusic.com with a subject of “Crywank Shirt Submission – [Your Name]”. No attachments, send as a link. Low-Res preview A-OK!
– Waiting. This is for fun though, so just be chill, maybe it’ll happen, and maybe it won’t. If your design is chosen we will be in touch in July.
– Optional: Share your design with #CrywankT4Fum and soak up the internet points!
– You may enter up to 3 designs, but only one of them can win.
– Submission deadline is July 9th.

That’s it! If you have any questions hit us up on twitter @fileundermusic . Looking forward to see what you can come up with and getting North America clad in Crywank!

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