Jan 25, 2017

ReverbNation and FU:M Open Submissions for One Song at a Time Round 2

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So you know our supreme labour of love The One Song at a Time video singles series? It’s fun! And ya’ll tuning in pushing each and every video up and over 10,000 views in under a month of release is amazing! But here’s a little behind the scenes tidbit for you – we’ve put together each and every release with the cold call of an email offering an exciting new music opportunity! So as you might imagine it’s a crazy amount of work to find bands, hammer out a deal, get a song, get all the dressings (bios, photos, art), and make a music video in time for our amazing publicity team to do their thing trying to keep close to a bi-weekly release schedule, all the while dealing with the every day maintenance of our little label and ushering in the regular full album campaigns like the fantastic new Blackie and the Rodeo Kings “Kings and Kings” and more we can’t even talk about!

Not that we’re complaining, it’s A) an honour and B) super fun to do go from “We like you” to “New music and music video for all!” But there’s just the 3 of us here in FU:M HQ, and again not complaining, but occasionally I stare at the ever growing hamster nest that is my desk and wonder “WHAT HAVE I DONE?” as reality and our ambitions duke it out for actualization supremacy.

So it was a an amazing stroke of luck that we happened to connect with ReverbNation while at this past Novembers M for Montreal conference. We were discussing the challenges that go along with being a small label that only has so many ears and hours with which to use those ears to discover acts, and they were an enormous platform of aspiring artists with a legion of ears on the look out for opportunities to use those ears to connect the right artists with the right opportunities.

Think of the most romantic Ryan Gosling meme and double it, that’s what it was like.

So, while we’ve still got a few videos to go for our first round of One Song at a Time videos, we’ve got our eyes on the future for another round of videos kicking off this summer and ReverbNation is going to help us curate from an open call for submissions. It’s extremely exciting to think of how much music that’s going to be, and the possible melodies and styles that we never would have stumbled across via our own armchair A&R efforts. It also allows us to take the rare step of sounding the digital conch to assemble all who dare to submit for the next round of One Song at a Time videos via ReverbNation. To do so, click this link !

And definitely, definitely, definitely, don’t email us outside of this as that would be stealing back the time we just made to focus on other awesomeness, and stealing is wrong. Plus we’re just going to delete your email without listening to your music like the smug grade school teacher who crafts a test where instruction #1 is read through to the end of the test and the last line is “Don’t fill out the test, just sign your name and hand it in.” It’s for your own good, and the mass Thunderdome of curation officiated by ReverbNation will only make you stronger!

So get submitting! We can’t wait to see what happens!

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