Apr 12, 2017

We’re Back! Where Were We? Right Here, but HACKED! :(

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You have no idea how relieved I am as I type these words and see these words being typed! The FU:M website was hacked and rendered unusable from Mid Feb to March! I assume it went down like this.


Not only were we hacked but for about a week Blackie and the Rodeo Kings‘ had their Facebook taken over and whoever it was tried to convince people their cross Canada tour was cancelled. Again, assume it went like this.


So what did you miss? Possibly the aforementioned BARK tour across Canada, not to mention a music video for “Live by the Song” from director Matt Leaf.

Possibly the announcement of a new The Royal Oui album called “This is Someday” and the reveal of the track “No Prize Inside”.

Definitely the accomplishment of finally getting the shipping options in our webstore dialed in so that you fine people get FU:M wares at the lowest shipping costs! Go take it for a spin!

You didn’t miss any FU:M One Song at a Time singles, as we put the brakes on that so you didn’t miss out. Next one coming is something special out of the Pacific Northwest!

And NEEDS were in the studio recording a new record!

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Bonus: Kathryn Calder and her co-conspirators in the New Pornographers just released their new record “Whiteout Conditions” . While I do miss Smiley Dan Behar’s presence, it’s as cohesive and modern an indie pop rock record as you could be looking for to kick off second quarter 2017! Kathryn and her husband/producer extraordinaire Colin did the mix on the track for “We’ve Been Here Before”, and there’s definitely some shared DNA to be found between it and her self-titled solo album. Take a listen below!


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