May 08, 2017

Blackie and the Rodeo Kings feat. City and Colour “Beautiful Scars” – New Video!

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We’ve got a great new video for “Beautiful Scars” by Blackie and the Rodeo Kings feat. City and Colour from directors Nakasone Folk! It really surprised us; in the good way! Check out the video then we’ll get into the reason for our pleasant incredulity!

Right in the feels eh? Superb acting and strong story telling too! All hallmark’s of the great work Nakasone Folk do, but there is one difference in that… You know what? Just easier for you to see for yourself.

Here’s one they did for “Waving Hand” by the ever touring machines Blessed.

Here’s one for Slow Down Molasses’s “Home”

And this chill dream for Teen Daze‘s “First Rain”

They’re all weird right? Absolutely good weird, in which your expectations are subverted by an escalating visual narrative leaving you intrigued but never sure what’s going to happen next, but definitely weird.

It was their incredible visuals and knack for storytelling that made us approach Nakasone Folk for “Beautiful Scars”. Their pitch for the video still had that little bit of weird we expected, with the woman being comforted by a younger version of herself, and that definitely fed into the apprehension that always goes along with commissioning a video as no one ever knows what the final product is going to be. However, it all melted away the moment we saw the first cut and knew that it was one of those magic moments where visuals, song, and narrative came together to make something special. So thanks Nakasone Folk! Our expectations are through the roof for whenever we get to do something again!


Check out one of the earliest versions of the song that Rodeo King Tom Wilson performed before the songs inspiration, writer Miriam Toews.

So when they pitched us this idea of the woman in “Beautiful Scars” fleeing her spouse, undergoing these hardships, and being comforted by her younger self, we imagined we were going to get something a little weird that maybe walked the line of the songs gravity. Instead what we got was this little piece of magic where the visuals, the song, and the ideas find that balance and rendered

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