Oct 19, 2017

Crywank T-Shirt Competition Winners – Shirt Available Now!

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After an intense deliberation process we’ve got our #CrywankT4Fum winners! There were seriously so many good designs, many of which we’ll highlight another time but first onto the winners!

Behlold THE SHIRT as picked by James and Dan of Crywank from Milo!

This beauty is available right now right now – click here! Start Famous is printing these shirts up on demand on a choice of three different coloured shirts. We’re also really happy that they have the cheapest possible shipping options available so we can get this into the hands of all the US and Canadian Crywank fans that have been thwarted by International shipping fees on past Crywank merch. That’s the good news!

Which leads to the bad news; these shirts are only shipping to US and Canada. If you live anywhere else out there on our particularly habitable blue marble and really want this shirt please fire an email over to steve [at] fileundermusic [dotcom] including where in the world you are and what shirt size you would want. No promises, but with enough demand we might be able to do a one off run on a single colour. Shipping will still suck though.

Ok, now on to more awesome Crywank Designs!

The Runner Up to THE SHIRT from @kitefind

And coming in hot at #3 @bradleysmith93

Congratulations to the winners! Stay tuned for a follow up post with a gallery of honourable mentions.



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