Oct 19, 2016

FU:M Shares – 36? May, 2011 Video

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Just came across this video from 36? for their track “May, 2011”. Our favourite numerically named band (is there another solely numerically named band? I refuse to google “*all of the numbers*+band” ), 36? put a transformative twist on everything they do and this video is no exception. Even without the twist the road tripping good times match perfectly with the energy of the track, but because of the twist we get bonus Halloween points on the experience!

Also, while I have you – bands you can call yourselves and name your songs whatever you want, but when you do remember that the billion dollar mega corporations that control the internet’s tubes do so via the loose alchemy of connecting words with things. So when we toss “may 2011” into Youtube among the many not 36? things we get is this:

So really, thank you for rejecting the ordering principles of proper SEO so the internet can still be full of wonderous chaos! Now excuse me while I watch Chucky Cheese cover Cameo and Flock of Seagulls on an endless loop for the rest of the day.

While I do that, you go check out the awesomeness of 36?






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