Dec 15, 2016

FU:M Shares – Post Trash “Volume 2”

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Post-Trash is a blog that’s lying in wait for you lovers of objective, thoughtful, music writing that digs through the unknown internet underbelly so you don’t have to. So the next time you’ve got a craving for new music after seeing what we have to say on the matter go check out Post-Trash!

Though that craving will likely be satiated for a bit once you get your ears on Post-Trash: Volume 2. It’s 30 tracks from the heart of the USA DIY community, and it feels like a mix tape that was made of a little something for everyone. I’m currently swaying to The Connections, while earlier I was paying rapt attention to Bethlehem Steel’s “Untitled Entitlement”. So while 30 tracks may be a large serving from some, I’d bet anyone could whittle a few different moods of playlists from the full package.

What tell you more? I will tell you more! Post-Trash: Volume 2 is available for pay what you want on Bandcamp, and you should certainly pay up as 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Planned Parenthood, because aside from the music 2016 was a garbage year and 2017 needs all the help it can get to stem the tide of awful. But good news everyone! Post-Trash has made step one very easy for you with Post Trash: Volume 2.


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