Oct 05, 2016

FU:M Shares – Pumpkinhead 2016

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Two of our favourite guilty pleasures (Halloween and Multi-Artist Theme projects) floated across the screen in one tidy package while we were totally working browsing Facebook for work reasons – behold! Pumpkinhead 2016

Curated by free cake for every creature, they say on Facebook that it

…features original halloween-themed songs from some of the spookiest musicians on earth. Even better, if you download it or buy a cassette, all of the profits go to WOAR Philadelphia (http://www.woar.org/), an incredible organization that provides free counseling and resources for children and adults who have experienced sexual abuse.

Featuring: Lisa Prank, Dogbreth, Diners, sean henry, Richard Album, ylayali, Big Baby, Tim the Mute, Jilian Medford (of IAN SWEET), Tumbleweed, Arthur Shea, iji, Russel the Leaf, Free Pizza, Slo Ref, & Emily A. Sprague (of Florist)

I’ll have to remember to hi-five Tim the Mute next time I see him. Now full disclosure, the entire package isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea. The heart of this is an underproduced lo-fi aesthetic, but like the artwork and let’s admit it, the vast majority of halloween costumes you’ve ever worn, the charm oozes out and around the DIY edges.

Standout tracks:

I love you like halloween by free cake for every creature

halloween is coming by iji

junie b groan by sean henry

You can pick up Pumpkinhead 2016 via bandcamp.

And while we’re on the topic here’s one of our favourite Halloween themed multi artist projects.

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