Oct 11, 2016

FU:M Shares – Happy Fake Monday!

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Hope you had a great weekend! It was Thanksgiving in Canada this past weekend and in the spirit of the holiday it was a weekend of excess.

Friday night was night 3 of the Japandroids residency at The Cobalt. Over enthusiastic as always, this was probably the best Japandroids set I’ve seen yet, with Brian seeming to relinquish a lot more vocal duties to Dave allowing him to have to worry less about the relationship between breathing and screaming some kind of melody.


Saturday night saw a perfect storm of touring bands meet in one mega show. IJI, Crying, Hotelier, Frankie Cosmos, Joyce Manner, and Beach Fossils made up one mega bill. It was pretty uneven in tone, but every band had their floor filling fans for their set, even though seated behind them were some phone screen illuminated faces. Personally I was in it for Frankie Cosmos, and was richly rewarded in twee pop melodies for finding the post Japandroids energy reserves.

Bonus points to Crying for being way more Van Halen and Rush live then the 8 bit blast I was anticipating. They just dropped a new song today as well!!

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