May 01, 2017

Linda Fox – “Like New” is a New OSAAT Vid!

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Linda Fox’s “Like New” is the latest in our One Song at a Time music video singles series. For the unfamiliar, (which is way too many as far as I’m concerned but that’s why we do this), Linda Fox is the solo project of Michael Donovan.

Michael came to our attention as 1/2 of the band Molly Shannon, Molly Shannon. After a 7 year hiatus they released one of FU:M’s favourite records of 2016 “Night Language”. Experimental Lo-fi Pop Rock is the genre needle I’d thread to describe it, as the sonic edges are constantly threatening to alienate or obfuscate the expectations the ear has as soon as it catches on the myriad of hooks. Do yourself a favour and have a listen now.

Part of this “One Song at a Time” series has been reaching out across the void to find artists who may want to participate. So closely on the long gestating heels of “Night Language” I thought it unlikely that any part of MSMS might want to participate. I was quickly corrected from this bias, as Michael had not only a batch of gestating tracks, but has also kept busy with another project called ivy aura.

ivy aura is an interesting contrast to Molly Shannon Molly Shannon. At it’s core you can see a similar base, but co-member BALAM ACAB’s contribution is to take the core of the song, give it a lick, and dip it into a bucket of crushed up internet hypercrystals. Check it Out:

Which leads us to Linda Fox, the moniker Michael chose for his solo project, the first track released under it being “Like New”. While it certainly shares a lot more in common with MSMS then ivy aura, it also represents a bit of an evolution – instead of the analog 8 track tactile warmth there’s a bit more clarity and sparseness to the track. Check out the Matt Leaf directed video below!

We’re very excited to have had a part in getting the Linda Fox faucet flowing and hope to hear much more music from Linda Fox, ivy aura, and if we’re being greedy another Molly Shannon, Molly Shannon record would be swell too!

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