Jun 20, 2017

New The Royal Oui Video Debuts on Buzzbands LA

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“Usually I Would” by The Royal Oui has debuted on Buzzbands LA!

The video from director Matt Leaf is his take on the current wave of popular drag content.

“What television and live performances don’t show the audience is the blood, sweat and tears that go into being a drag queen. That’s what this video is about… The reality of what it takes to be a drag queen; what it’s like to live a day in Thanks Jem’s shoes.”

The video follows drag performer Thanks Jem from rehearsal to an actual Vancouver performance of “Usually I Would”.  Reflecting on her roll Thanks Jem says, “The reality of life is a drag. Drag is my escape. Making this video for the Royal Oui made me feel fantastic.”

So if you’re having a drag of a day then check out the new video as well as all the summertime vibes on The Royal Oui’s “This is Someday”. Also be sure to subscribe to the FU:M Youtube channel for a constant source of fresh tunes and videos!


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