From the band that brought you “Vic”, and “so what?” comes Milk Mountain by 36?

36?’s Milk Mountain is magic and destiny and confusion and horror and fun and sad and while it may be all of those things it’s also unlike anything else. Most of that you can hear for yourself, but I’m quite partial to the destiny part.

Many years ago during a round of armchair A&R, aka, browsing through Bandcamp related artists we came across 36’s Where Do We Go From Here anReprise albums. What becomes quickly apparent from those releases is that 36? is not your regular band, as they were basically the same albums with 2 complete different versions of the same songs. Later that summer the band would pass through Vancouver for a gig and we’d all chat about maybe doing something. It took a few more years than anyone would have imagined after that first meeting, but it took one post Sled Island listen of Milk Mountain for everyone at FU:M to get excited about this magic record.

Perhaps the best thing we can say about it, if you’ve read this far and haven’t slammed that buy button yet, is that as some of the people on this earth who have listened to Milk Mountain the most, we’re still shocked at how we keep finding a new favourite song. It was definitely “Pretending You’re Alright” at first, but in the colder days of winter “Jealous” snuck it’s way in, “I Think My Dog Know’s I’m High” seemed like the windows down song of the Summer, but as today it is firmly “but I don’t know myself (suddenly)” that says it’s the one.

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Track Listing

  1. Beginning
  2. Changing Channels
  3. Pretending You’re Alright
  4. Jealous
  5. I think my dog knows I’m high
  6. Curtains
  7. EZFM
  8. …but I don’t know myself (suddenly)
  9. sell u love/rip u off
  10. Carousel V4.2
  11. Island

Download contains some bonus tracks for you 😘

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- 36? – Milk Mountain

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Being that this is 36?’s fourth album, they are not new at weaving their unique blend of chaos, vulnerability, quirk, sweetness, and power, but there is something special happening here. This does happen to me occasionally, and maybe it sounds odd, but I feel this building sense of genuine and powerful affection for the people who created this music[…]Certain lyrics to particular songs are speaking pretty directly to my heart, as happens with songs, but it is more than that. It feels like an exchange, even though there is no direct contact. – Local Drop

In an age where relationships are measured in milliseconds with swipes right and digitized hearts littering our notifications, 36?’s newest album, Milk Mountain, comes across as the soundtrack for figuring yourself out amidst all the noise and chaos. It’s a complex record, one that takes frontman-songwriter Taylor Cochrane’s precocious talent for putting together (and pulling apart) undeniable hooks and elevates it all with intensely personal songwriting that comes from a position of self-realization, acceptance and love. – Beatroute

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