Wallgrin describes herself as having “evolved into a mutant undiscovered bird species”, and while it may be up to debate how hollow her bones are, that sense of transformation is really what defines Wallgrin for us. She performs completely solo live, with only her violin and vocal loops to assist her in mesmerizing a crowd as she did us. Her self-produced recorded material may present the same songs, but they have grown new sonic limbs which are better adapted to the intimate space between listen and speakers to show off the completely different but equally impressive talents. Then she goes out into the woods with director Matt Leaf, and through her performance of their collaborative visual vision for “Ae’aea”, shows that she can not only control the sound but the image of herself and the song. Not to mention an extreme resistance to hypothermia!

All that adds up to us being extremely thrilled to help reveal one of Vancouver’s best kept secrets to the world with the One Song at a Time release of Wallgrin’s “Ae’aea”.

Wait a minute… mysteriously impressive… water and cold resistant… solid bones bird like creature… Wallgrin is a mutant Penguin!

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Wallgrin - Ae’aea

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