On Animals, Bend Sinister gave in fully to every rock and roll impulse. Old school anthem complete with chant? Done. Poppy synth radio hit? It’s there. Opening act to a rock opera that would make Supertramp proud? Hell yeah. This album is the musical equivalent of Neopolitan ice cream, with the added bonus of you can take your time with it and it doesn’t turn into an unappetizing strawberry, vanilla, chocolate soup.

1. Best Of You 08:35
2. Fancy Pants 03:07
3. I Got Love 03:08
4. Better Things To Do 04:59
5. Thunder and Lightning 04:39
6. Teacher 05:09
7. Seventeen 03:32
8. You Remind Me 04:10
9. Through The Week 04:53
10. It Will Never End

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Bend Sinister - Animals

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