Awake, You Sleepers! is truly a classic pop record in the sense that, like the Beach Boys, Beatles and Ben Folds before them, Will Currie and The Country French have tapped into a musical vein through which pure, unadulterated pop gold flows.

1. Arise, Take Up Your Lamps! 01:15
2. The Whale 03:10
3. Flowers 03:15
4. City 03:08
5. John Denver Haircut 04:15
6. Rumble 04:27
7. Portland 03:23
8. Railroad 03:05
9. The Harbourmaster’s Daughter 03:14
10. Barrows For the Goldrush 02:54
11. Ontario 03:46
12. Muddy Water 03:18
13. Tight Suit 03:12
14. Awake, You Sleepers! 03:33


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Will Currie and the Country French - Awake, You Sleepers!

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