Catlow creates a world where hauntingly luscious vocals layer over
spacey guitar hooks mixed with bursting synth beats peppered
through heartbeat powered basslines as tender violins envelop the
listener in utter musical bliss, evoking a sound complementary of
New Order, Pixies and the Smiths with a dash of pop-kissed Blondie
and Goldfrapp, leaving critics describing their music as “Explosions
in the Sky with vocals. On their new album “Main of Nowhere,” Catlow stays true to their Indie Alt-Rock roots and whimsically enchanting melodies in tracks like “Scrapes”, while also exploring a new era of Catlow in twangy Alt-Country music, reminiscent of Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, with songs like “My Sun.”

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Track Listing

  1. Scrapes
  2. A Moment Passes By
  3. My Sun
  4. Settle Up
  5. Main of Nowhere
  6. Forget the Rest



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- Catlow – Main of Nowhere – Vinyl EP

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“Showing her prowess on some fevered,
angular synth-adorned poprock,
Thirsk posseses a voice that’s as girlish and
coy as Metric’s Emily Haines”
– Chart Attack

“Sexy vampy shufflepop…”
– Fluxblog

“Thirsk has one of those smokey, sultry
voices that manages to maintain a girl-nextdoor
quality and will likely make men and
women alike go weak in the knees.”
– Delusions Of Adequacy