I’ve always felt like In Medias Res picked up the thread that Radiohead dropped when they lost their faith in rock. From the defiant angry guitars of Fight Song to the open armed sing-a-long of “Tonight I’m New”, IWWASWWFSO, was another experiment in pushing guitar rock forward, but not so out of reach that you ever had to consider if the mad men should have done it.

1. The Final Flight of The Bees 03:01
2. This Could Be The One 03:42
3. Come Back Down 02:58
4. Bears 03:03
5. Slow Motion Clarity 06:00
6. Fight Song 04:36
7. This is The Night 05:11
8. Hollis 04:52
9. Tonight I Am New 05:27
10. No Words Came Down 02:29

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In Medias Res - It Was Warm and Sunny When We First Set Out

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