Normally, we take this space to wax philosophical on what a song does for us, but this time around Linda Fox gave us the goods on his intent. For our two cents, we love it all!

An experimental project at heart, Linda Fox draws from elements of noise pop, dance-rock, lo-fi, and folk music to fashion palpable songs that reflect less than immediately accessible emotional states. “Like New” may be a perfect microcosm of the project as a whole, and takes its name directly from the conditions menu on’s products comparison page. The e-commerce company’s website states that any item which is “apparently untouched” or “apparently in perfect condition” but which is used, is “like new”. And, Donovan’s repetition of this phrase splitting the song directly in half, gestures an indictment at the belief that anything could be strictly, or emphatically “new”.

The song’s playful, questioning guitar over a constant electronic beat asks the listener to imagine what sort of transformation could encapsulate change, without genuine rebirth or renewal, while the final phrase “what you say goes” smacks of recurring defeat in the face of numerous attempts to change one’s own circumstances. Living in Lynnwood Washington, now, after ten years in Seattle, Donovan hopes to continually grow as a person. He spends his days working in a Human Resources office, his nights making music, and hopes to uncover each and every oppressive worldview he might have adopted as a young person, so that he can dismantle them, and become a happier, nicer person.

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Linda Fox - Like New

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