Skye Wallace may or may not have been manufactured in the darkest Ottawa basement of Heritage Canada to be the next generation CanCon folk hero terminator. If that doesn’t mean anything to you, hello non-Canadian! But she rebelled against her programming and instead of depending on the characters that populate the mythical Canada of her past songs, she looked inward to a self defined mission to “make folk punk” again. The result is the toe tapping self-rejective anthem “Not Ready for This To Start”, the first single in the File Under: Music “One Song at a Time” video singles series.

Check out the video below by Exquisite Corps., featuring Skye as psychedelic roller skating Death! And if you’re the sonic tinkering type you can get the stems here via Skio.


Produced by Jim Bryson.
Recorded at Lincoln County Social Club in Toronto and Fixed Hinge Studios in Stittsville.
Skye Wallace – acoustic guitar and vocals
Michelle Faehrmann – cello
Rachael Cardiello – viola
Alastair Whitehead – bass
Brad Kilpatrick – drums
Ben Doerksen – electric guitar

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Skye Wallace - Not Ready For This To Start

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