Oct 12, 2016

Tom Wilson Talks to HMV About Making “Kings and Kings”

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HMV caught Tom Wilson of Blackie and the Rodeo Kings on the road and asked him some questions about the making of the star studded “Kings and Kings” and just how one convinces so many stars to strut their stuff.

Did you always envision recording a companion album to Kings and Queens?

“Kind of. It’s not so much a progression as being in the same ballpark. When you’re writing songs you never automatically assume you’re going to record them. You write because the creative process calls you to do it. But writing and thinking that maybe someone like Vince Gill or Dallas Green might be singing… well, you have to be smart enough to write into that spirit world without it being contrived or over-constructed. And it’s always a complete surprise when other people actually want to sing these songs. Having Jason Isbell fall in love with ‘Land of The Living’ was a gift. Same thing happened on Kings & Queens. Lucinda Williams actually loved ‘I Can’t Have You.’ I actually wrote that song for her years ago.”

Read the whole interview here!

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